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Baldwin eBook Formatting

High Quality eBook Conversion

Your readers will see the difference. Give them a superior eBook experience.

Clarke Baldwin has formatted all of the eBooks here on Ink Lion Books and has done conversions for many other authors including NYT best selling authors. Your manuscript is safe with him. He has a trustworthy design studio, located in the USA, who will convert your MS word doc into an impressive HIGH quality .mobi (for Amazon), .ePub (for Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes/iBooks and GooglePlay), including promo purchase links customized for each vendor. 

To schedule a conversion or to ask questions contact: Clarke@InkLionBooks.com   Please put eBook Conversion in the subject line.

HIGH Quality Conversion for a standard book is $75

You will get:

  1. A High Quality Conversion competitive with those coming out of the big six publishers.
  2. Working, hot-linked, Table of Contents
  3. Second cover placement after the title page. (Kindle and Nook bypass your cover and open automatically on the title page. With our unique second cover placement readers will see and reconnect with your cover art.)
  4. Hotlinks to your author website, social media, and your other books on Amazon or Barnes.
  5. Promos for up to 3 of your other books at the back of this book. These can be excerpts and/or promo blurbs.
  6. Several images embedded for free: your photo on the author bio page, and images of your other books for a back of book promotion.
  7. We also provide you with illustrated, easy-to-follow, upload instructions for Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  8. We test your eBook in a real Kindle Fire, (not just a previewer). We make adjustments and retest in all formats before delivering it to you.
  9. We customize your eBook links for each distributor – this increases point of purchase sales. e.g. if someone owns a Kobo reader they are more likely to by from Kobo. Our links take them directly to your next book or to your author page on Kobo, instead of off to Amazon or Barnes & Noble. This coverts a reader’s browsing behavior into a quick sale. If they’ve just finished having a good experience with your book they are more likely to buy your next one.

Extra eBook features available for a fee :

  • Specialized fancy-font or image-based chapter headings. For an average book of approx. 26 chapters imaged headings are an extra $25 + plus cost of image creation if needed. For an example of specialized image chapter headings check out Priya Ardis’s My Boyfriend Merlin preview
  • Special embedded hotlink placement in the interior text $2 per hotlink  (there’s no charge for the hotlinks in the promo matter)
  • We’ll size and embed extra images/photos in the interior text, as per your word doc, $5 each.
  • We also do Draft2Digital files for an additional $10

Change orders

  • AFTER we’ve converted your book and delivered to you, if you decide to alter something, for instance: if you decide to change your cover, or if you discover errors in your text that you hadn’t noticed prior to sending us the book.  We’ll be happy to make changes for $25 an hour, (1 hour minimum.)

Create-A-Space Layouts

  • We will be delighted to also format your manuscript for print on demand.  Our standard print-on-demand book layout charge is only $125.  You will need to provide the extended cover art.

Cover Art

How are Payments handled?

  • We try to make it easy. Once we have worked with you and built up a relationship. We accept payment upon delivery, after you’ve uploaded and found everything satisfactory.  If you are new to our service we accept half to begin work and the balance upon delivery; after you’ve uploaded and found everything satisfactory. For your convenience transactions can go through PayPal.
If you would like to schedule services please email us at: Clarke@InkLionBooks.com  We’ll send you our EASY-TO-FOLLOW 3 step instructions. Or click here for a link to a pdf of the EASY-TO-FOLLOW 3 Step Instruction Guide (click the link inside the window frame that will appear). Note: we do not scan in existing books. We work straight from word docs or rtfs. 
For your convenience, you may use the Payment Button below to pay for services.

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