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Ink Lion Studio employs a number of talented freelance individuals for our eBook Conversion, Print layout, Cover Artists, Editors, & Website Designers. If you need help of this sort we highly recommend:

eBook Conversion:

Kat and Clarke Baldwin handle all of Ink Lion Books’ conversions. They will convert your MS word doc into an eBook and provide you with superior .mobi and .epub files. They do high quality conversions competitive with those coming out of NY, including hotlinks, back of book promo, and a functioning Table of Contents for a very reasonable fee. To see a price list for their eBook conversion services follow this link: eBook Formatting Price List.

Ebook Cover Artists:

~ Lindsey Lewellen is an up and coming young artist who has designed some very successful covers. You can find a sample of her work at:

~ Kat Baldwin is a traditionally published author and a graphic artist. She’s worked in the corporate world with such notables as Parker Bros, Disney, TSR (Dungeons & Dragons) and a host of others.  Consequently, she knows design and has a good feel for what makes a strong cover. She designed most of Ink Lion Books’ covers and dozens of covers for other authors. Although Kat is very busy and you may have to wait in line until she can schedule your cover design, it is worth the wait. Contact Kat through her author website:

~ Ethan Haynes is a fabulous young artist to watch.  He is the perfect artist if you need a fun fantasy or sci-fi 3D style cover. Check out his work on Deviant Art


Good copyediting makes a HUGE difference in sales. Not all copyeditors are created equal. Find someone trained and certified to edit your books.

~ Vickie Taylor is not only a certified copyeditor but she is an experienced multi-published author. In addition to her own publishing experience, she graduated from the Copyediting Certificate Program at University of California (San Diego), an 18 month extensive program in the art and science of copyediting. Contact Vickie through her website for references and prices,



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Baldwin eBook Formatting

High Quality eBook Conversion Your readers will see the difference. Give them a superior eBook experience. Clarke Baldwin has formatted all of the eBooks here on Ink Lion Books and has done conversions for many other authors including NYT best selling authors. Your manuscript is safe with him. He has a trustworthy design studio, located …

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