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Unusual Short Stories & Novellas

Literary Short Stories, Strange Netherworld Tales, and Sci-Fi Mystery Novellas. Oh My!

Three literary short-stories about life and love. Including A Stranger in the Village nominated for the prestigious 2007 Pushcart Prize

A collection of three award-winning literary short stories exploring the impact of love. A Stranger in the Village  centers around the arrival of a young woman into a Mexican mountain village, and event that changes sixteen-year-old Hector forever. Sacrifice is an Aztec tale of political intrigue and love. In Curandera, (Spanish for a wise-woman or a folk-healer) Doña Rosa, a market-place curandera, assists the lovelorn through the heartache of love and infidelity.

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Out of Character, Two short stories straight from a writer’s nightmares accompanied by original recipes  – Carole Fowkes

Out of Character – a novelist writing a gritty murder mystery is caught off guard when her villain decides to make her his next victim.
Idea Man – Lucinda’s muse offers her a story she can’t refuse.What lengths will a highly successful novelist go to overcome her writer’s block?

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Deranged Seating  (A Novella)  – Carole Fowkes

Sam Spade meets the X-files in this quirky Sci-Fi Murder Mystery complete with recipes. This murder smells hinkier than the seven-day-old sushi in the back of James’s fridge. Nothing adds up–not if you’re from planet Earth. And hold on to your Maltese Falcon, there’s a good-looking dame in it up to her baby blues.

Also available in paperback

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Thirst – Three short stories and tasty recipes – Carole Fowkes

Thirsta young Confederate soldier goes looking for water and encounters a battle that goes beyond this world.
Bed Five – a World War I nurse, weary of the suffering all around her, gets an unusual German patient. She can help her soldiers in ways she never dreamed possible if she’ll only abide by his wishes.
Dying to Get There Mr. Death needs a publicist. Things go terribly wrong when he hires Larry, a burnt-out car salesman.

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Little Cookbook of Horrors, Recipes and Short Stories   – Carole Fowkes

Strange tales and tempting original recipes, especially the irresistable 7 Deadly Sin Bars.

Seven for the Soul – Dr. South’s fat transfer program changes a sweet-natured nurse into something else altogether.
A Losing Contract Paula signs up for an unusual weight-loss system that promises to keep her skinny forever.

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Little Cookbook of Horrors, Recipes and Short Stories, Volume 2   – Carole Fowkes

Supernatural short stories and tasty original recipes guaranteed to spice up your nightmares.

Fireplace – a young woman buys her first house, believing she’s gotten the deal of the century. But the basement hides an ancient malevolence she didn’t bargain for.
Hungry Beast – every night after his wife falls asleep, Tom’s kitchen is invaded by a grisly, red-veined creature.

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Little Cookbook of Horrors, Recipes and Short Stories, Volume 3   – Carole Fowkes

Two otherworldy short stories and heavenly recipes.

Carol Ann Nick ministers to people on the street. He approaches Carol Ann, thinking she’s a hooker and he’ll save her soul. But she’s something much more. She’s a sin eater who changes his life forever.
White Bag Dolores is a miserable woman, spreading unhappiness wherever she goes. But tonight, she’ll be stopped in a way she could never imagine. Nor will you.

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