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Mystery Novella with a yummy Sci-Fi twist! Deranged Seating (A Novella) – Carole Fowkes Sam Spade meets the X-files in this quirky Sci-Fi Murder Mystery complete with recipes. This murder smells hinkier than the seven-day-old sushi in the back of James’s fridge. Nothing adds up–not if you’re from planet Earth. And hold on to your …

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Sassy, Humorous, Romantic Short Stories Vicki Batman brings you three lively tales that will make you smile and fall in love all over again. Available on February 1, 2012 Ouch – Who knew a yoga class would be so dangerous…  and romantic? Man Theory – When a geeky co-worker espouses his theory on love, a …

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Unusual Short Stories & Novellas

Literary Short Stories, Strange Netherworld Tales, and Sci-Fi Mystery Novellas. Oh My! Three literary short-stories about life and love. Including A Stranger in the Village nominated for the prestigious 2007 Pushcart Prize A collection of three award-winning literary short stories exploring the impact of love. A Stranger in the Village  centers around the arrival of …

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