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Out of Character

Two Short Stories Straight from a Writer’s Nightmares

Out of Character – A novelist who prides herself on creating realistic characters, is writing a gritty murder mystery. Unfortunately, her story takes a more personal turn when her villain is bent on making her his next victim. When the fiction world collides with ours anything is possible, even romance.

To what lengths would a highly successful novelist go to overcome her writer’s block? In Idea Man, Lucinda’s muse materializes in his thong bathing suit and offers her a story she can’t refuse.


Title: Out of Character
Author: Carole Fowkes
Genre: Humorous Fantasy
Release Date: November 11, 2011
ASIN: B00679V6ZG




Out of Character is one of my favorite of Ms. Fowkes’ Short Stories. It reads so realistically it feels as if I’m peeking over her shoulder as it happens to the writer. Of course, I work with writers and know what quirky folk they are. Ms. Fowkes is no exception. What an imagination!  Here’s the kicker – she mixes her quirky stories with incredible recipes.  Her recipe for Bacon and Cheese scones is not to be missed. That one recipe is worth the price of admission.  The second story is a hoot! Fun all around.   – editor, Ink Lion Books

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